About T.K.A.

Twyford Karate Academy opened in 2017

After training with Wokingham Karate Academy from the age of 14, Sensei Matt wanted to start a club in his home town of Twyford so he could share his knowledge of the traditional martial art of karate.

T.K.A. teaches Okinawan Goju-ryu karate which is a very traditional style. Our main focus is on the traditional side but we also practice the sports side of karate for competition fighting.

The club is inclusive and open to all that wish to learn this disciplined martial art. All races, colours, creeds, religions, nationalities, origins, ages, sexualities and genders are welcome in the dojo.

  • Traditional training
  • Friendly
  • Safe training
  • Emphasis on proper technique
  • Dicipline of the mind
  • Strength of body

Are you ready for the challenge?

Sensei Matt Taylor

Sensei Matt Taylor

4th (Yondan) Dan Black Belt

Sensei Matt has trained in karate for over 17 years and he still trains and teaches at his childhood Wokingham club.

He began studying Goju-ryu karate in 1988 and he continued to do so for 10 years keeping up his training whilst away at university by joining the university Shotokan karate club.

A break followed shortly after gaining his first black belt in Goju-ryu and he returned to karate in 2009 after trying some other martial arts.

When he's not wearing his gi he's working as a freelance website developer or salsa dancing or in the summertime growing vegetables in his garden.

Matt has a current DBS certificate and you can check the status for free here using the following details:
Certificate No: 001569019771, Surname: Taylor, D.O.B: 20/10/1974.

Other certificates:

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do International

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do International

The G.K.I. was formed by Shihan James Rousseau (9th Dan) and Shihan Len Sim (8th Dan) in 1993 and is a non-profit making organisation that is dedicated to the promotion and teaching of classical and traditional Goju-ryu Karate Do based on the ideas of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-ryu. The G.K.I. conducts regular lectures, seminars and special courses for all students as well as a continuous training programmes for instructors. Instructors have to conform to the highest standards, as set by the organisation and are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Grading examinations are held at regular intervals for both students and instructors to ensure the development of the association as a whole. Tournaments and championships are organised at regular intervals and members are encouraged to participate in national and international events.

Twyford Youth & Community Centre

The Dojo at Twyford Youth & Community Centre

The Twyford Youth & Community Centre is a registered charity (no. 1155243) managed by a group of trustees on behalf of the local community and for the benefit of young people in the area. TDYC runs youth club sessions throughout the week for young people.

The centre has undergone a fair bit of refurbishment recently with more to come. New double glazing has been installed, an upgraded heating system and new opening wondows in the sports hall. A brand new kitchen has also been installed for hirers' use.

Upstairs is a social room with a view down into the sports hall and the club hires this to make it available to parents and guardians whilst their children train.